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Commercial kitchen ventilation. Commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction systems that give you a kitchen environment and gas safe compliant kitchen. Peace of mind, comfortable kitchen environment so you can deliver your concept with ease.


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Commercial kitchen ventilation:
Commercial kitchen ventilation is essential to any kitchen. A canopy and a fan isn’t the only thing you need to comply with regulations and to make your kitchen safe. Kitchen extraction is required to ensure the kitchen environment is comfortable and removes fumes caused by the cooking process but it is also there to remove gas fumes and unhealthy particles from the kitchen. The design of the system must suit your commercial kitchen equipment design.

Kitchen extract ductwork designs & sizing:
Commercial ductwork systems must be designed to the correct size so that they operate at the correct velocity/speed. If the air is travelling at non advisable rate airflow rates will not be what they should be. The size of your ductwork is based on the commercial kitchen equipment within the kitchen. This also determines the size of your extraction hood. 

Odour & smoke control
In some built up areas the local authority will request that you install correct and adequate filtration to remove smoke and grease particulate from the air stream so that your process does not cause nuisance to neighbours.

Odour and smoke control is not only a local authority requirement but it also can help lower maintenance requirements on duct cleaning, filter changing and kitchen deep cleans and catering equipment repairs. DW172 is the guidelines and regulatory requirement for commercial kitchen ventilation. There is a dedicated section that mentions solid fuel appliances. You must no longer have a solid fuel.

Things to be careful of: 
– Undersized kitchen extract ductwork. This limits the airflow rate you can achieve. Smokey cook line? Be careful the right size duct gets fitted.
– No fresh air in the kitchen, causes recirculation and air change issues. If you’re starving the room of air by just removing air from the kitchen. This will cause issues. 
– There are many online retailers advertising for cheap solutions but often these aren’t suitable for your requirements.

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