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“Gas interlock system installation”

Gas interlock system installation. We supply and install gas interlock systems into commercial kitchens of all types, restaurants, schools, cafes, offices, universities and more. Gas interlock systems are a legal requirements to comply with current gas regulations & BS6173 as well DW172 ventilation guidelines.

To comply with current standards and gas regulations a gas interlock system installation must be fitted to all commercial kitchens and interlocked with the commercial kitchen ventilation system. The gas interlock system’s function is to minimise the risk of inhalation of poisonous gas combustion fumes and to lower the possibility of accidental gas escape in a commercial kitchen. 

The regulations and current guidelines state that the gas appliances must not be in operation unless the commercial kitchen canopy hood ventilation system is switched on to a safe and adequate level. If the commercial kitchen ventilation system is switched off then this must cut out the gas supply to the gas appliances. 

Each entrance and exit to the kitchen must be fitted with an external emergency stop button that connects to the main gas interlock panel to ensure that site Staff are able to shut down the gas in the event of an emergency.