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We are commercial catering engineers and we provide all types of works within a commercial kitchen setting. Restaurant gas safety certificates are  legal requirement and a very important piece of certification. Your restaurant kitchen must be safe for staff and for people dining in your premises. The restaurant kitchen and appliances should comply with current regulations, BS6173 and DW172 (for ventilation).

The commercial kitchen engineer assigned to your restaurant gas safety certificate / commercial kitchen space will check the following:

  • air quality check and ventilation inspection (adequate overhang of equipment by canopy).
  • flame colour and operation of gas catering appliances
  • check for gas leaks on main pipe runs and gas float 
  • quality of pipe work and installation quality i.e. yellow flexible catering hoses
  • gas interlock system operation – does the gas shut off if the ventilation is turned off?
  • is the fresh air system adequate
  • if there is any things that need attention please highlight this to the engineer.